Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rules of Engagement and Goals

Reasons for this list: So that everyone knows my intentions and for personal reference.


1. Follow all rules listed on the forum thread.
2. Play on Normal or higher.
3. (Personal) - Play on hardcore difficulty, which is when if you die, you MUST (if you're willing to) delete your world and start anew, possible signaling the end of this blog if I reach far enough or the creation of another branch.
Forum thread at:


Possible difficulties at:


1. Complete all objectives listed on the forum thread
2. Complete all bonus objectives listed on the forum thread
Forum thread at:


3. Have one of each tool: (0/9 Tools)
4. Have one of each weapon (0/3 Weapons)
5. Have one of each armor (0/4 Armor)
6. Have one of each food in case of emergency (0/4)
Recipes at:


7. Construct all structures listed in the official wiki. (0/1 General, 0/1 Farming, 0/1 Mining, and 0/1 Mechanisms)
Methods at:


8. Complete all goals and create a NEW series or blog, but on HARD mode.
9. Write three entries equivalent up to three in game days every three real-time days.

This may be added to or edited upon later on.

- Sincerely, Zombiegamer

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