Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Version 1.3 Update

Today there was a update to version 1.3 as indicated by the update to a new version on the game launcher and the official wiki, with the most notable ones being the new interface, beds, and delay/repeater blocks.
Version History and Update:


Beginning of Blog Date

The beginning of this blog will be expected to be tomorrow since it is rather late today and I plan on doing something else until then.

About: Additioal Information

As stated in the information menu when you first come to the welcome page and things I haven't stated in there, the reason why I initially began this blog about "one" of my adventures in Minecraft in a survival scenario is because my friend and server host of a "private" Tunngle server "tom_mai78101," suggested that I start this blog similar to how PC Gamers created “The Minecraft Experiment" by Tom Francis.
The map that I chose to play on was inspired by the "Yogcast" hosted on their username "BlueXephos" and further made by the "Survival Island" map maker "Ashien."
 However, I hope that this blog may someday become a hobby for me or something similar in the genre or style later on when this blog fully develops, possibly becoming truly bigger than I could ever imagine, as shown by the rules I personally set for myself, I will be writing three entries worth of in game days every three days.
I have also copied the SAME world for personal use, but with possible different endings that I might take screenshots of for each day but without as must detail compared to my official one since they will only be the same in the beginning.

Links are shown below:
1. Tunngle:


2. PC Gamer's "The Minecraft Experiment" by Tom Francis


3. The Survival Island Series by The Yogcast hosted on BlueXephos


4. The Survival Island map by Ashien


5. The Comprehensive Official Community Wiki


6. Minecraft made by Mojang AB and Notch or Markus Persson


7. The Free and Renowned Google Host


Rules of Engagement and Goals

Reasons for this list: So that everyone knows my intentions and for personal reference.


1. Follow all rules listed on the forum thread.
2. Play on Normal or higher.
3. (Personal) - Play on hardcore difficulty, which is when if you die, you MUST (if you're willing to) delete your world and start anew, possible signaling the end of this blog if I reach far enough or the creation of another branch.
Forum thread at:


Possible difficulties at:


1. Complete all objectives listed on the forum thread
2. Complete all bonus objectives listed on the forum thread
Forum thread at:


3. Have one of each tool: (0/9 Tools)
4. Have one of each weapon (0/3 Weapons)
5. Have one of each armor (0/4 Armor)
6. Have one of each food in case of emergency (0/4)
Recipes at:


7. Construct all structures listed in the official wiki. (0/1 General, 0/1 Farming, 0/1 Mining, and 0/1 Mechanisms)
Methods at:


8. Complete all goals and create a NEW series or blog, but on HARD mode.
9. Write three entries equivalent up to three in game days every three real-time days.

This may be added to or edited upon later on.

- Sincerely, Zombiegamer